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The day prior to (or the day of) your exam, we call to confirm you are ready to take your exam, appointment time and location. If you need additional study time, no worries to reschedule, you have 30 days from date of registration before your exam code expires in our system.

On exam day, we come to your restaurant with tablets or you come to our office. The exam is 90 multiple choice questions and is timed for 120 minutes; most complete it in about an hour. If we do come to your restaurant, if time permits, we will do a free kitchen inspection to catch any potential violations to save your money on avoidable costly citations.



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I understand the  study material provided is information needed to operate a food safe kitchen in the State of Florida and it is my responsibility to study any/all other resources available to ensure passing the Food Manager Certification exam.

 I understand the exam code assigned to me will automatically deactivate 30 days after registration date.  I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the proctor to reschedule prior to deactivation date or additional payment will be required. 


By agreeing to terms, I understand all study material provided copyright registered and I agree not to share, forward, copy, sell, edit or use any/all print and/or electronic study materials and/or content received from Florida Food Test, or anyone associated therein without written consent/permission from Therese Leone. 

By agreeing to terms, I also agree not to open or have any affiliation with operating any/all Food Manager Certification training, testing/certification, food handler training and/or certification, food safety training, and/or having a training and/or testing location, albeit physical or online, copying format of the business practices of Florida Food Test and/or anyone therein, to be in competition with Florida Food Test and/or anyone therein. 

I understand by agreeing to terms, that failure to comply will result in legal action to which I will be responsible for any/all attorney and/or court fees incurred.  I understand copyright infringement fees are punishable in Federal Court for $500-$30,000 per instance.

By agreeing to terms, I am electronically signing this statement and understand it will be kept on file and enforceable for 5 years from registration date.


I understand the mobile service policy, stating that I will be contacted a day before, or the day of, my scheduled exam appointment to confirm time and location.  I understand if I do not confirm this appointment, I will need to reschedule.  I understand if I confirm my scheduled appointment, but do not show up for, or if I am 20 minutes late for, scheduled time, an additional cash payment of $20 will be required before beginning exam.  If time allows, testing will be done immediately or will be rescheduled. I acknowledge I am responsible for paying additional mobile service charges.

I understand that Florida Food Test’s mobile service is based in Pinellas County and service charges will apply beyond county lines.

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